Friday, April 9, 2010

Dog Beach, Huntington Beach, CA

I was stoked to attend my first day at dog beach! Believe me, it took a lot of pleading and begging but I finally convinced Mommy to take me. As soon as Mommy pulled out my leash I knew I would be going somewhere fun! I jumped up from my nap (I take multiple naps a day), wagged my tail, jumped off Momma's bed, sipped some water and waited impatiently at the door while Mommy gathered her stuff. This had the makings of an incredible day for me! I’ve never been to doggy beach before so I didn’t know what to expect. There were big dogs, small dogs, mean dogs and cute ones too (just like me). Since it was my first time I didn’t do so well. I barked at the big doggies who tried to smell my butt. Momma said I was embarrassing but how would u feel if someone smelled your butt? I didn’t get to go off my leash too long because I was too excited and scared at the same time. I would run up to a lot of potential friends and as they got closer to me I would bark to show them who’s boss around here. However, I got in trouble again as Mommy didn’t like that... so I went back on my leash. I promise the next time I get to attend doggy beach I’ll do much better. In the end though, I did find one friend, Bella, and we exchanged our facebook and twitter info. I hope she leaves me a message! Anyhow, till next time!