Tuesday, November 23, 2010

happy thanksgiving

hi everyone,

i know its been awhile and i sincerely apologize for making you wait on the updates of my life. well since we last left off i was at the vet and i've been back to that lousy place several times after that. mommy found that i've been loosing hair and was worried i was getting an allergic reaction to something so she brought me in.. i was diagnosed and sent home with a bunch of meds.. here it is..

(grandpa forgot to tell Mommy that he fed me chocolate chip cookies.. yumm my favorite is what Grandpa likes to say)

several weeks went by and i am back at the vet.. same issues but this time she found a scratch on me.. i went in and again they sent me back with several medications.. mommy hates the vet as much as i do but for different reasons.. she feels as if they're just making her pay for useless information and as for me, i just hate them in general :)

anyways, i just wanted to wish you all a happy gobble gobble.. eat your heart out bc i know i'll be searching for the left overs! yummm.. tootle-loo!

me at the worst place in the world!!!

mommy bought me this new "home" when i was so-called "sick"..