Monday, September 6, 2010


I recently went on a walk with Grandpa and came back limping. Grandpa kept on telling Mama I'm just faking it but why would I do such a thing? I think he was scared Momma would be upset at him...

The next day Mommy was happy to see that I was barely limping.. YAY!!

BUT the following day she found a lump on my foot... she was leaving for Jamaica and couldn't take me to the vet so she called on Uncle Charlie. Uncle Charlie, the life saver he is, came by and took me in immediately. I found out that I had a foxtail in my foot and had to go under the needle :(. Doctors said I was a good baby.. I got it removed and left the vet with a cast... ARRRGH MATE .. thanks Uncle Charlie, I feel ALLLLLL BETTTERRRR~~~

Here is an article Mommy found useful to all dog owners so they will never have to go to the vet like I did. Grandpa is now aware to not walk me near these areas: