Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Fancy Life…

Mommy tries to get all fancy pancy. It started with things like organic yogurt (ehh the first one was okay but after the third, I was over it), then multiple grooming, more stupid clothes and lavish materials that I care less about. Basically, materials I rather not have but mommy thinks she’s showering me with love. It was bad enough with all these decorative items but it gets worse, mommy decides to get me A CONE FOR MY HEAD. I was barely trying to cope with my stupid snuggie and my shirts and sweaters I change in and out of but WHY A CONE! I hated every second of it. I walked in shame for 2 1/2 weeks. I went back and forth to this fat man my mom called my “veterinarian”. The guy looked like he was about to EAT ME! He wasn’t very friendly either. He took me in and pinched me with needles and then tells my mom I’m a crybaby! HOW RUDE! Anyways, after the whole procedure, I don’t hump any of my toys and I’m even lazier than I was before ☺


  1. Just found this blog and thought it was funny! keep it up!

  2. Patches, why didn't you tell the story about the weekend you spent with me? Your mom ditched you and made you stay with me... the "Animal Hater". But I wasn't so bad afterall, right? Haha.