Thursday, March 18, 2010

speaking spanglish..

Mommy likes to ichat with her friends back home and I tend to join in on her conversations as well. I'm just as interested in Mommy's friends life as she is but todays convo was a tad bit different. Linda had a frustrating day at work and work stories isn't my interest. Every organization has terminology that only they can understand. But the conversation goes on about how upset she was .. and more stuff I didn't understand.. and back to how upset she was..

I started yawning but Linda continues....

"HE MADE ME SO MAD...BLABHABLBHAHAB" after hearing the story about 5 times.. I fell asleep

..well at least I can say I was a good friend and stayed ichatting with her while she vent to me about her horrible day at work. Anyways, I hope you're feeling better Linda. You were always really kind to me so I thought I stick around to hear your story. Like, when everyone was busy getting ready on vacation, you still manage to pet me and show me love:

..anyways, the labs (my roommates) are out.. gotta run.. !!!

OH, hope everyone had a safe St. Patty's day!!!

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  1. haha so funny! keep writing you are very funny!